About Us

At Direct Pharmacy, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best service possible, How? Free Delivery to your doorstep to start. Knowing many patients are not capable of going to the pharmacy to receive their medications. We strive to provide quality products at fair market prices and apply our knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of our ability to offer assistance and answer your questions. We continue to learn and seek out the best health care options available for our patients, and we will do our best to embrace the changes in the profession of pharmacy that improves patient care.


Additionally, we maintain the highest principles of moral, ethical, and legal conduct while ensuring that the designated outcome for each individual patient is reached to the best of our pharmaceutical ability. If this isn’t enough, We always wanted to give back to the community. As a plan of action we are giving to the community, the people, local community centers, Local Schools, Local athletes that cannot afford uniforms and such, Supporting Local businesses, Local shops, Hospitals, Convalescent homes, Home Cares, Hospices starting from San Leandro and across the entire bay area all the way down to San Jose and neighboring cities.